Dream Creative Arts

While I am on this side of the globe, I am visiting Bangalore, where I spent 5 weeks in summer 2010 interning with Dream A Dream through the College of Wooster’s Global Social Entrepreneurship (GSE) program (http://global_se.scotblogs.wooster.edu/). Dream A Dream is a NGO working to develop life skills for children from vulnerable backgrounds through sports and creative arts programs. I loved working there and am able to connect strongly with their programs ( my GSE blog about how Dream http://global_se.scotblogs.wooster.edu/2011/01/23/post-gse-how-the-field-experience-effected-my-work-in-ghana/).

I came back to visit Dream and the GSE program in their last week. It was a shorter trip due to the delay of getting my Indian visa. The day after I arrived in Bangalore, I went to volunteer for a Dream creative arts program. In 2010 I had been to a soccer program and a Dream Funday (similar to a field trip day), so I was excited to get the chance to see a new program. I went to the Annaswamy School for 2 hours and worked with the facilitator and a group of 16 students, around 8 years old. Our structured program has several sessions, the first was discussions about the kids days and how the felt. The next was a warm-up game and the main activity. The theme for the day was leadership, so both the game and activity were directly related. After we had a discussion about how kids felt as leaders during the activities and how they could translate these skills into their daily lives. Then there was one last game and snack time. The whole program was written in a Dream A Dream Creative Arts program booklet, which they did not have 2 years ago. I was impressed by the progress the organization had made.

Keep up the good work Dream A Dream!

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